Friday, June 20, 2008

Last stretch before ICANN

Well that was a long week of final touches on our website before ICANN (and that's why I didn't update the blog). It will be released at this weekend, with everything a registrar would ever want to know about how to gear up for .tel.

Next up, the ICANN conference, then the release of our NSP software and all the goodies for developers!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Unveiling the .tel

We're getting ready to go "live" in a sense with the .tel, which will be unveiled at the ICANN conference in Paris on the week of June 23.
Before that however, our own Justin Hayward will be making a very quick presentation of the .tel at the Domainer Meeting in Paris as well, on June 19.
Don't expect much filler in the powerpoint presentations, we hate them as much as you do. All I want (remember though, on this blog I don't speak for the company) is for people to see the .tel as what we hope it will be. We're not in the kool-aid business.

One more thing... I've been reading the comments dating back to 2006 regarding the attribution of the .tel TLD, and I hope the "industry experts" will understand what we're looking to achieve here. If we do our job correctly, the answer won't be "just another TLD". :)