Friday, December 19, 2008

Privacy now available on

We updated the public beta last night, and it now has full support for privacy. You can friend other beta users, and decide what contact information you'd like each of your friends to see (or not).
Of course the friending APIs are now also active.

Get a free beta account at

Friday, December 12, 2008


Now that the .tel has been available to trademarks for a week, we're getting a lot of buzz and feedback in online communities.
Most of it is really good, but of course there's always the criticism. Some criticism is borne out of misunderstanding (or simply lack of reading about .tel) but some other criticism is very interesting, and shows how quickly one can jump to the seemingly obvious but wrong conclusion. More interestingly, the less technical a community, the more it embraces .tel as a great product. And vice versa. So what's the issue with techies?

Well, as soon as a techie reads "top level domain" (or the TLD acronym), she automatically associates it with "domainer money grab". As you try to explain why .tel is really fundamentally different from any other TLD, the techie will say "but you can publish your contact info hundreds of ways already!" And she doesn't see the connection between these two points, which is as follows:

In order to publish your own information in one place that is forever yours, the best (and arguably only) solution today is to use a top-level domain. If you don't use a TLD, you're subordinated to a service provider that may or may not sell you advertising, cut you off, or even go bankrupt. Then good luck telling everyone that you switched to *another* "forever" place, and listen to the snickers.

That is the reason why Telnic is using a TLD. We're not making money from hidden deals or advertising, or thinking up new business models that promise to make someone else pay for your chance to control your data. You simply pay a small price ($15/year or whereabouts) for your guaranteed freedom and control, and buy your own unique domain. A .tel TLD is the only guarantee for you to own your unique, forever, publishing platform for contact information.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

.tel sunrise is ON!

The .tel sunrise just started!
The blogosphere is quite awash with comments, as was to be expected. Some are quite thoughtful, others somewhat off-base so I suppose I have to remind people that:

Privacy is fully supported: choose who sees what. Spammers will need to break 1024-bit encryption...