Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DEMO Conference

We are at the DEMO conference in San Diego. We presented on monday and it went really really well, great coverage and even more interest than we expected. People get what we're doing, and that's the most important thing! Every single person who stopped by our booth would have bought a .tel had it been available.
Below is the video of our demo with our own Justin Hayward speaking, in which you can see (in order): the Web proxy on a PC, the actual DNS data, the first public demo of the new TelHost management interface, the Blackberry plugin, the Web proxy on the iPhone, and finally my own little iPhone app. It all worked perfectly, even with the flakey GPRS/EDGE connection in the conference.
Note how changes are instantly published live in the DNS, and how fast and easy the iPhone lookups are. And trust me, coding for the .tel isn't any harder than it looks. :)


Ellie said...

Nice Demo, especially the iPhone application.

Rik said...

There was quite a bit more to the app that I didn't show, but dealing with maps on the iphone is not fun.
For example, you can't embed the Google Maps app. You also can't send to the Google Maps app a KML document with more than one pin.
So I had to hack together some stuff via a website, with overlay views... ugly.
The actual .tel DNS stuff was straightforward. I also have a sample app that uses a small .tel SDK I made. Just plug-and-play. It'll all be up on the dev site in a couple of weeks.