Friday, November 07, 2008

Get your demo

Just got back from the ICANN conference in Cairo. As usual, the highlight of the conference was our own Telnic party, but hey... I'm obviously biased.
The other highlight as far as we're concerned is the unveiling of the beta VIP Telhosting platform, that you can now try for yourself. Just send an email to to get your free demo domain under (for example, You'll be given your credentials to log into the VIP Telhosting website, and in a matter of seconds you'll be up and running.

One thing that we're still missing is that the SOAP API is currently disabled for We'll work on enabling it ASAP. The problem is that is a 2nd level domain masquerading as a top level domain, so we have to make sure that the API functions in this manner as well.

Apart from that, everyone was really excited about .tel and we got great positive feedback about our presentations of the Telhosting platform. And don't forget to comment about in the forums of

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