Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First feedback on .tel processes

Now that we've got our first feedback on the live .tel platform, here are a couple of comments:

1- Renaming folders in the Telhosting control panel
This small feature is in the to-do list and was left out due to time constraints, but in the meantime you can create a new folder, and then:
- click select all
- choose Copy to... in pulldown
- choose folder in pulldown
- click save.

Edit: If you have subdomains under this domain, it is a problem at this time. We'll have to code up an additional API call (or extend the storeFolder method) to do this.

2- Google maps on the web proxy
Instead of a link to the Google maps, it was suggested to embed Google maps in the proxy. There are a couple of problems with that, beyond speed issues:
- the web proxy is currently too lenient and sends out the desktop version to the more advanced mobile phones (iPhone, etc...). We're going to restrict all mobiles (insofar as we can sniff them) to the text-only version.
- when you're logged in to Telfriends, the web proxy is under https and Google maps will need to work with SSL in addition to regular http.
- if a domain does not redirect to a nic.tel subdomain, each domain will have to have its own Google Maps API key, which is totally unfeasible. Google Maps's signup process states clearly that "A single Maps API key is valid for a single "directory" or domain", and we'll need to agree with google that ".tel" can be considered a domain.

3- Private records at any subdomain level
Yes. It's definitely in the plans.


joyantony said...

thanks for the post.

I have kerala.tel, but unhappy with the following:

1. there is no "search box" to find listing easily
2. no option to add paging, if the listing pages has more than 10 entries.

joy antony, kerala.tel

Rik said...

You were talking about searching within the .tel domain you're in, or across the whole of .tel ?

Searching the whole .tel space is premature, as it needs first to go live in general availability and have enough results across the search space.

Searching within your own domain is an interesting idea that can be developed.

Regarding paging, that's what subdomains (folders) are for. Don't put more than 10 entries on a single subdomain. Instead, link to other subdomains. Structure your domain with more subdomains and less data per subdomain. It helps everywhere, especially mobile access.

Remember, there are no .tel "pages". What you see as a website is simply a front-end to the DNS data that can be accessed directly.

Bohem said...

Just one question. Is it in your plans include a system to display statistics for each domain? Those who habitually use Google Analytics or alternative systems, unless we miss a similar system in our domains tel.
Thanks and congratulations for your work.

(my englih´s very bad, sorry)