Sunday, April 26, 2009

Search and proxy stats

I'm working on a new search engine algorithm for searching .tel domains. It'll be rather unique and innovative. I don't think anyone has done it quite this way before. And I'm not forgetting the UI interface for gathering proxy statistics for the many of you who own .tel domains. It's coming.


Andrzej said...

Great job doing out there Henri. I'm big fan of your work.
I also hope that sometime soon You'll find some time to work on program for automatic populating .tel's from csv files, like you told on telsters forum.

Rik said...

@Andrzej, as I told the forum users on Telsters, please agree on a format for the csv first!
That's the reason why we did not write a csv import, and instead wrote an xml import/export. You guys agree on a csv basic format, and I'll happily write you the code. It's straightforward.