Thursday, October 22, 2009

.tel management app for iPhone: version 2

It's high time I updated the iPhone app for managing .tel domains.
I've been working on it heavily in the past couple of weeks, and it's shaping up well. I still have a lot of work to do (especially graphics work) but I've already achieved most of my goals. In fact, version 2 is going to be so powerful that I'm worried regular .tel owners will not want that kind of app. I'll probably publish a 'lite' and a 'pro' version.
Among the new features:

  • support for multiple .tel accounts at multiple registrars (in process)
  • support for domain display title (done)
  • much more intuitive profile handling (done)
  • native Google Maps instead of OpenStreetMaps (done)
  • rewritten keywords section (in process)
  • support for the latest record types (done)
  • profile renaming (done)
  • subdomain renaming (in progress)

That's about what I can remember off the top of my head. Feel free to comment and ask for other features. I can't promise anything, but you may get lucky.

Note that this will be for iPhone OS 3.0 and above unfortunately, due to a number of reasons including Google Maps support and certain other functions.

6 comments: .....Find it. FAST said...

Ads placement?

Rik said...

You really want to manage ads via an iPhone app? .....Find it. FAST said...

Yes, because the ad placement is a large part of the overall page, and as we are populating a directory, advertisements are to be used everywhere. Henri your app is fast and the Ajax2 version? on the cth is too slow for huge directories with say 1000 subdomains. Your app is mobile, and to have all features of the cth and MORE while mobile, is simply awesome. It allows a webpage/listing to be built while talking to a client! Anyway, that's our take. Cheers .....Find it. FAST said...

A-Z slider. Please please allow for fast flicking of LONG LISTS by incorporating the superimposed a-z slider/selector as used by the contact app on the iPhone.

Rik said...

A-Z sliders? But the info isn't alphabetically ordered. How do you want to fast flick a custom ordering?

heinz said...

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