Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Manage your .tel from your iPhone

We've just published the source code for "My .tel", an iPhone app for managing your .tel. I wrote it so I could switch my phone numbers as I boarded a plane, and it grew from there. It lets you add/edit/delete/reorder contact records, add/delete keywords, and synchronize your location using the phone's GPS.

The app is missing privacy management, but that will come. It's in active development and will be updated as my time permits.

Have fun with the code, it shows the usage of the Telhosting JSON API.
Here are some direct links for the app and iPhone resources:
- description of both iphone apps
- download source as an archive
- ViewSVN with SVN sources
- checkout link for SVN
- Tutorial for Sample iPhone app and SDK


LV Hustler said...

what is "THE MESH"?

Rik said...

The mesh as defined here is the whole web of personal interrelationships within the network.
See Marc Canter's blog

Jennifer said...


Keep the info coming! We early "adopters" are very excited about this TLD.

Check out this link on the Namepros forum:

Ms Domainer


Rik said...

wow 26 pages of discussions now. I'm going through most of them, seeing if anything needs an explanatory blog post. Thanks.