Sunday, February 08, 2009

Backing up your .tel information

So you spent days, weeks, even months thinking about, setting up, updating and tweaking your .tel. And you're worried about what would happen if your Telhosting provider went down with all your hard work, because of an act of God such as a systems administrator having had too much to drink on the job and having pressed the wrong keys.

Fear Not, my gentle reader. For the Telhosting required API contains an export function that will get you all your data (including non-live data that is disabled because it's not in the active profile) onto your computer. And of course, there's an import function that does the opposite.

These two functions are requirements for any accredited Telhosting provider, so you can be sure they'll exist whatever provider you use. Just make sure you actually back up your data before that systems administrator hits the Crown Royal.

PS: none of our sysadmins drink on the job.

Edit: Below are the links to the relevant API functions, with full description and usage
ExportData to backup all your data.
ImportData to restore that data into a Telhosting provider's system.

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